Hoverboard 8 Inch, Multicolor, Motor 700 Wat, Bluetooth, Led

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  • Motor power: 700 Watt with the best self-cleaning quality
  • Maximum speed: 15-18 km / h      |       Autonomy: 15 km
  • Maximum weight: 120 kg
  • Wheel size: 8 inch     |    Type of wheels: Non-pneumatic
  • Full charging time: 2-3 hours
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HOVERBOARD 8 INCHThe hoverboard is a sort of small segway without a steering wheel and is also called oxboard, balance wheel or airboard. The hoverboard has two electric motors which provide 700 watts of power. This allows you to reach speeds up to 18 km per hour and you can easily go up hills.The hoverboard has a Samsung lithium-ion battery which can drive up to 15 km. The battery range depends on the weight of the driver and the type of surface you are driving on. The hoverboard has a motherboard system from Taotao and this is the quality motherboard system on the market.The motherboard system is the computer of the hoverboard and regulates that everything is controlled correctly. You control the hoverboard by body movements and balance. By movements you tell the hoverboard if you want to go forwards or backwards and when you want to turn.The hoverboard is equipped with LED lighting so you are clearly visible in the dark.Bluetooth is the system that allows you to connect your phone to your speakers and listen to your favorite music during your walk.Thanks to the Bluetooth connection, the speakers help you to walk relaxed to your favorite music.Motor power: 700 Watts with the self-cleaning qualityOriginal battery voltage Samsung cells 36v 4 AhMaximum speed: 15-18 km / hAutonomy: 15kmMaximum weight: 120 kgWheel size: 8 inchesWheel type: non-pneumaticFull charging time: 2-3 hoursCharacteristics: Bluetooth Built-in speaker Carrier bag LED-lighting Automatic balanceDust and water resistance index IP54* Information note:IP54 represents non-tight protection against dust and microscopic debris. Splash water protection on every slope.The maximum speed may vary depending on the weight of the user, the angle of inclination, wind speed and direction, the conditions of the rolling substrate, etc.

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Motor power

700 Wtt

Maximum speed

15-18 km/h


15 km

Maximum weight

120 kg

Wheel size

8 inch

Wheel type


Full charging time

2-3 hours



Built-in speaker


Carrier bag


Automatic balance


Warranty Duration

24 Months

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