Hoverseat, Hoverkart for Hoverboard, Adjustable for All Ages, Fits All Hoverboards 6.5″, 8″, 10″

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  • Adjustable for All Ages
  • Fits All Hoverboards 6.5″, 8″, 10″
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Product Description

Assembling the kart takes + – 10 minutes, very easy to assemble by means of 9 fixings.Everything is included.Nuts and bolts, keys for mounting and the strap to attach the oxboard to the kart.
Guaranteed quality and
suitable for all hoverboards due to the
adjustable length (legroom).

What is a hoverkart?

A hoverkart is a very popular gadget with which you can transform a hoverboard into a kart.The hoverkart consists of a seat with 2 levers on the sides with which you accelerate or brake.You can easily and quickly mount the hoverkart on top of the hoverboard, so you can cruise right away.Tired of standing on your hoverboard and want to be able to sit comfortably?Then a hoverkart is for you!

How does a hoverkart work?

The hoverkart frame is mounted on the pressure pads on the left and right side of the hoverboard.Then you have levers on both sides that you can move up and down.These levers do exactly the same as what you would do with your feet when standing on the hoverboard.When you move the levers forward, accelerate and move forward.If you then want to brake or stop you have to move the levers backwards.In this way, the hoverkart works exactly the same as you would on the hoverboard yourself.It is also possible to make 360-degree circles at a hoverkart.This means you have to push 1 lever forward and 1 lever backward.
  • Hoverboard seat is a safer choice than just standing on a hoverboard, especially for younger kids or those with poor balance. No more falling off your hoverboard once you’re sitting in a Hoverboard seat.
  • Turning your hoverboard into a go-kart only requires 10 minutes to assemble all the accessories. The handlebar steering system makes this hoverboard go-kart faster to master.
  • Use the telescoping frame to adjust your hoverboard cart to your height, it can carry up to 220 lbs. So if you buy one of these for your kids, you’ll be able to have a go yourself too!

hover kart

hoverboard seat

go kart

Material: Aluminum alloy + Steel

Universal design:Suitable for hoverboard of 6.5 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches


Telescope design, controlled by hands, fits for players with different heights Bearing:220 LB(100KG)

Additional information

Weight5.4 kg
Dimensions68 × 44 × 43 cm

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