Ridgeyard 16 Inch Wheel Unicycle Cycling Scooter Circus Bike Kids Adults Stunt Single Tyre Acrobatic Child Balance Bicycle

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  • Aluminum alloy buckle: strong locking ability then the central axis is not easy to loosen, this can effectively guarantee the safety of the cyclist

  • Adjustable extended seat: soft and comfortable, ergonomic design.saddle with grab handle can balance the center of gravity makes a safe and comfortable ride

  • This 16″ bike with high bearing capacity,can load up to 65KG/143.3 Lbs,because the standard flat shoulder forks made of high-strength manganese steel, scales welded, strong and durable. Notice:16 Inches suitable for 120-155 cm height people. This product is not suitable for children under 12 years old

  • Small and easy to store / carry. Allow to enter public places, buses, trains. When skilled, it is generally possible to use a this bike instead of walking within a range of 15 KM

  • Special design:Extremely non-slip pedals and tires.The use of high-quality rubber tread tires, wear-resistant.Uneven non-slip pedals increase friction and effectively prevent slippage. There are night reflectors on both sides of pedals



  • Weight limited: 65kg

  • Wheel size: 40x5cm

  • Color: red and black

  • Adjustable height: 70-84cm

  • Plastic front and rear bumpers

  • With L&R marking on the pedals

  • Material: Steel tube + rubber + steel ring

  • Ideal for both novices and professionals, men and women

Warning: Not suitable for children under 12 years.



  • Control obesity and shape your body. Sticking to a unicycle can lose weight.

  • Develop intelligence. The unicycle sport is called “puzzle sport” by the medical profession.

  • As a performance project. Because of its high ornamental value, it can be used as a special skill.

  • Entertainment. Don’t underestimate entertainment, entertainment can make people relax and relax.

  • It is easy to store and carry, and it is accurate for fitness. The unicycle is easy to place and easy to carry.

  • Improve sleep quality. Wheelbarrow sports are light sports, and proper exercise can consume excess energy without fatigue.

  • Improve agility. It includes two aspects: one is the flexibility of the body, and the other is the reflex regulation of the nervous system.

  • Competitive sports, physical fitness, correct bad habits. Not only can you keep fit, but you can also leave teenagers free to access TV, internet, games, etc.

  • Enhance social skills. The unicycle is a good social activity. Participating in the unicycle club allows you to meet friends who are positive, love life, and advocate sports.

  • Long-term health investment. In adulthood, you can take a unicycle to travel or travel with a unicycle. When you enter old age, you can prevent stroke and prevent dementia.

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1x Unicycle


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